The Secret of the Shadows

The Secret of the Shadows

About The Secret of the Shadows

The Secret of the Shadows is about the fear and anxiety that follows a rape. The main character Bella cannot begin to live with the pain and grief that is created in her after she is raped. She desperately needs a place - another world - where all that pain and grief doesn't exist. But can you really escape into another world without unconsciously bringing your emotions with you? Can you really forget? Bella creates a beautiful world of love and comfort, but is it enough to forever forget about the past that she's so desperately trying to put behind her? And what really happens when you try to forget? Does all the pain and grief catch up to her and what happens when the real world try to bring her back? Which world is she to choose? The world that brings her comfort? Or the world that brought her all the pain and grief?

The Secret of the Shadows is a story that's going to test your illusions!

The fear and anxiety rules Bella's world after being raped. In order to protect herself she creates her own inner world where she does not need to face the fear and anxiety that is chasing her. In time Bella becomes so distant from reality that she is admitted to a psychiatric ward. But the fear for the consequences is too overwhelming. Bella is forced farther into the inner world where a romance is tempting her but mysterious events begin to happen and the reality is catching up to her. Bella is now faced with the most important decision of her life - which world is she to choose?

The Secret of the Shadows has received really great reviews in Denmark and here I have translated some of them for you.

Mathilde Gram leads us easily through Bellas thoughts, feelings and her deep despair. It is all beautifully written and the feelings are described with such an accuracy that you can almost feel them yourself. The book is riveting and you are drawn into it from page one. The Secret of the Shadows is a book that you'll want to read more than once and it's hard to put it down once you have begun.

Simone Strandvad

There is no doubt that Mathilde Gram has talent and a really empathetic style of writing with a metaphorical and sometimes a philosophical style. If you like a psychological story The Secret of the Shadows is a very good option within this genre.


This is a book that makes you wise about life. It describes clearly some elements that we all more or less have. The outer and the inner world...

The book is amazingly written and despite the heavy theme it is very easy to read and still so deep that it forces the reader to relate to his or her own inner world - as a contrast to the present that sometimes can hurt extremely.

The language is beautiful and nuanced, the storyline good, the characters are described nicely and you go through this book with a deep wondering as to what you really should put up with in the outer world when people start to question your desire to live in the inner world.

A worthy book with a very authentic touch... Nice work.

It has been very long since we've read such an intense, nerveracking and thrilling psychological crime.

Great debut that is highly recommendable!

Finn Hansen.

This is one of the better books I have read about sexual abuse. And the style of writing is very good. As a woman I feel parts of the book very real and it gets up close and personal. It gives insight - without being judgmental. I can recommend it to anyone who deals with this problem - whether it's yourself or someone close to you.

This book will test your illusions and I guarantee that you will be wiser after reading this book - or trying to figure out whether or not is was a dream or reality. I hereby give this book my highest recommendation.

Pia Damgård

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